Introduction to “Comedy of Errors”

William Shakespeare published his comedic play, The Comedy of Errors in 1623. It’s one of his shortest plays and relies on slapstick, puns and a driving plot of mistaken identity for its humor. 
    My latest novel, also titled Comedy of Errors, is based on the errors of a boy named Stewart Little, born to parents who made many mistakes of there own, beginning with the naming of their only son after a mouse, the main character of a children’s book written by E.B. White.
    Stewart uses every opportunity to turn negatives into positives as he proceeds along his journey through life. Many of his errors are humorous, while others become, for the boy, advantages that lead him to a successful career and a reputation as a wise and thoughtful human being.

George H. Rothacker

Comedy of Errors may also be purchased from Main Point Books, located on North Wayne Avenue in Wayne.

About the Author

George Rothacker grew up in Upper Darby, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, in the 1950s and ‘60s, and graduated from Upper Darby High School and then Temple Technical Institute in North Philadelphia.
He has owned and operated a successful design and marketing firm since 1978, and built a parallel career as an illustrator and painter for more than 50 years. Comedy of Errors is his eighth book of fiction. It is a semi-autobiographical account of a life both plagued and guided by his unconventional learning style, which has been often misunderstood by educators throughout his life.
George and his wife, Barbara, have four children and eight grandchildren, and live in Radnor, Delaware County, less than ten miles from where most of the story of Comedy of Errors takes place